Pending Nameserver update for almost a week


Since some days im trying to register my domain
The Domain is stuck in “pending nameserver update
However im still able to change my dns records.

whois and dig says the nameserver is setup correctly

Hope anyone can help

That is true, you did not complete the nameserver setup. You only set one nameserver.

However, you also have a server issue as your server is not configured for SSL. Assuming you want to use SSL, you should fix that before you use Cloudflare.

Well then it looks like im in a kinda stuck situation.
In my case Hetzner tells me, that my Domain is setup on both nameservers

Now is the question how do i continue with this problem

The SSL problem is true but getting worked on.

That’s something only your registrar can fix

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:    nameserver =

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