Pending nameserver update - for about 2 weeks

I have added my site to CF panel about 2 weeks ago ago for my domain I have changed DNS to point to:
Still I see "pending nameserver update and on 22.12.2019 I have received e-mail with “Reminder - please change the name servers for”.
Still nothing has changed although if I check using DNS lookup ( I see:


Type Domain Name NS TTL
NS 14399
NS 14399

There were no problems with other domains using the same hosting provider.
Could you please suggest me what is wrong there?



Hi @lakeelook,

It looks to me like you have either changed your nameservers at your web host rather than at your domain registrar, or you have added NS records rather than changing the authoritative nameservers.

Looks like #2 in this #CommunityTip

It looks to me from Whois like your registrar may be

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Thanks a lot! I have changed that and hope that it will work :slight_smile:

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No problem, they seem to be set OK now - if might just take up to 48hrs for Cloudflare to recognise the change. You may have a ‘Re-check’ option in your dashboard to get them checked sooner.

I have launched the re-check and after a while the web page has been confirmed - works now! Thanks!


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