“Pending Nameserver Update” for a week

Everything was working just fine , suddenly this started appearing in my dashboard zones

Domain is at freenom updated to the Cloudlare’s reccommended name servers
keeps staying at “Pending Nameserver Update", been a week

… Is that domain name by any chance on the .ML ccTLD?

Freenom is losing TLD after TLD these days.

If you also want some external references:

Millions of domains to be deleted as Freenom loses its first TLD - Domain Incite

Freenom is losing “.ga”

Freenom is losing another ccTLD after collecting military emails - Domain Incite

Dated July 18, 2023, 15:52:16 (UTC), that thread is starting:

So it appears that you might need to find (and likely pay for) another domain name instead.

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Thank you !
I wont bother messing with the dns anymore and get a new domain

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