Pending nameserver update for a long time

hello, I changed nameserver to cloudflare about one day, but console still shows “pending nameserver update
I am sure that nameserver have changed,

how can i solve this problem?

Please check the nameserver typo. It looks to me wrong.

could you tell me how to check nameserver typo? thanks you very much.

I check nameserver again, it`s the same as blow:

That’s right. There are two things that bother.

  • Do you have a valid DNS record added in CF? For, there doesn’t appear any record in DNSChecker
  • Whois data shows the non-updated nameservers. Best suggested to contact the registrar if you’ve updated the same at the right place and not at the host.

You need to update your DNS at your registrar.


I solve this problem by modifying nameserver at registrar. Thanks


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