Pending nameserver update - for 3days and no DNSSEC

Hi. About 3 days ago I updated the nameservers for my websites on my registar to the ones provided by Cloudflare.

2 of the 3 websites are active, but one of them is stuck on the status “Pending Nameserver Update”.

None of the websites has DNSSEC enabled.

How can I fix this?


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The domain is

WHOIS says you’re pointing to your own name servers:

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I reached to NameCheap support. They told me:

“Please contact your DNS provider for the domain to configure the zone files so that the DNS can start propagating.”

"The domain is pointed to the custom DNS of values:

So, Cloudflare is your DNS provider."

“Please contact Cloudflare to configure the zone files/SOA files. If not, the DNS will not propagate.”

They are very wrong. Cloudflare is not your DNS provider until that WHOIS issue gets fixed.

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Thanks! I will get in touch with they support again and re-post their response here.

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