Pending Nameserver Update for 3 days

I updated the nameserver for my domain more than 3 days ago. They were shown on any DNS Lookup

I should use: &

Could anyone see the problem?

Best Regards Philipp

Hi @philipp3

I can see is using the nameservers specified. And both work.

Same here. I see your domain up and running, but some inconsistencies on your NS globaly: DNS Checker - DNS Check Propagation Tool

Cloudflare is not responsible for the propagation for your initial NS changes, but the domain hoster is. I think case I think it is or So whoever is your domainhoster, contact them and ask them why it takes so long.

Keep in mind, that some older domain hosters indeed still need to validate NS changes.


P.S.: just a friendly reminder, that even if you now use Cloudflare’s NS, you are not proxied, so NO Cloudflare feature is activate for you. But at least your domain managed Cloudflare’s DNS. To use Cloudflares services (better performance & security) please proxy your DNS entries at Cloudflare.

In your case of a static page I would strongly recommend Cloudflare Pages, which would not even require you having a server to serve your website!

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Thanks for the Reply, but the change are already live but Cloudflare Dashboard thinks they are not.

The Proxy Feature is alredy active in Dashboard, but Domain is not active in Cloudflare.

So what can i do that Cloudflare notice it.

Can you please provide a screenshot of the error/message?
Please also provide which NS Cloudflare wants you to connect to. (shown in the bottom of the DNS section)

ATM your domain resolves to these NS:


At least you got the right hoster, netcup is an absolut gem!

There is no error message its just say that the NS Setup is not finished.

Its in German but that, what is shown in Dashboard. I use Netcup for the Rest, but i dont transfer the Domain now to netcup.

Ersetzen Sie diese durch Nameserver von Cloudflare

Nameserver 1

Zum Kopieren klicken

Nameserver 2

Zum Kopieren klicken

Speichern Ihrer Änderungen.

Registrare benötigen für die Bearbeitung von Nameserver-Updates bis zu 24 Stunden. Sie erhalten eine Email, sobald Ihre Site in Cloudflare aktiv ist.

Normally there shall be a “Recheck” “Erneut überprüfen” button, which you can click manually to trigger a recheck. But the domain IMHO is already using Cloudflare:

$ dig +short NS

So that is indeed weird. Did you have DNSSEC activated before?
In your domain overview, how is the domain shown?
Is the “Active” lable shown?

I press it quite often in the last Days the Button “Recheck”

DNSSEC wasnt active until now and is not active.

The Domains Overview Says:

Nameserver-Update steht aus

Here is a screenshot

Never had any problem adding domains to Cloudflare for my customers. But my own domain doesnt work

This DNSSEC analyser still reports that DNSSEC is not completely turned off:

Found 1 DS records for me in the . zone
DS=45352/SHA-256 has algorithm RSASHA256
Found 1 RRSIGs over DS RRset
RRSIG=47671 and DNSKEY=47671 verifies the DS RRset
Found 3 DNSKEY records for me
DS=45352/SHA-256 verifies DNSKEY=45352/SEP
Found 1 RRSIGs over DNSKEY RRset
RRSIG=45352 and DNSKEY=45352/SEP verifies the DNSKEY RRset
No DS records found for in the me zone
No DNSKEY records found is authoritative for A RR has value
No RRSIGs found is authoritative for A RR has value
No RRSIGs found is authoritative for
[…] is authoritative for

Did you disable DNSSEC before or after you added the domain to Cloudflare? If after, then trouble is to be expected. Normally you should deactivate it 1 day prior you add it to Cloudflare. After it was successfull added you can activated it over Cloudflare.

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I didnt active that at all, so i have to contact the hoster. I cant deactivated in there dashboard.

So the best solutions is to delete the domain from Cloudflare, let the hoster deactivated DNSSEC and put the domain back in?

I think you don’t need to remove it now, since it already is here. But yes, please contact your hoster and tell him you would like to change the nameserver to Cloudflare and therefore you nee dto disable DNSSEC.

After it is done, just recheck, or wait - Cloudflare rechecks itself. Once completed it will be automatically be activated on Cloudflare and you receive a email with the confirmation.

According to the TLD support page, you even could move the .me domain to Cloudflare: which would make everything more easy. But you can do this after you activated it on Cloudflare. Normally Cloudflare as a Registrar is cheaper then other domain hosters and you would have your stuff centralized and hasslefree.

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It wasnt DNSSEC.

The Hoster has a special option if you want to use other NS Records than theres, just the thethe send a zone update.

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Thanks for the update!

So it basically was this:

That s*cks as this is really oldschool and not for the benefit of the customer.

No it wasnt!

May you want to elaborate and explain what exactly you had to do, so others with the same problem will find a solution quicker?
What domainhoster do you have and what special option must be triggered?


Nothing has to be triggered.

I am using and the have an extra field in there interface under domain, if you want to use external NS.

You cant change the NS Records in the DNS Administration, that has no effects.

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