Pending nameserver update for 24hrs?

Hello? Should i wait past 24hours surely? my domain is kimitikamandefinearts

Assuming you are referring to, your site is pending because you haven’t set it up correctly. It still points to your original nameservers.

nslookup -type=ns
Server:  UnKnown
Address:       nameserver =       nameserver =       nameserver =       nameserver =

Plus, if your server IP address ends in 122, you need to talk to your host as your site does not have a certificate and is insecure.


Thanks. So since Cloudflare provides me only two domain servers, where i need to paste them provides me 4 spaces and thats what you have indicated. im i expected to delete the two and im left with 2 pblanks and the Cloudflare’s two domain in the place? Thanks

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Yes, you must not use any other nameservers than those assigned by Cloudflare.

Also, fix your server issue first, as you will run into all sorts of HTTP issues otherwise. You can get a certificate from Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs.

Okay, check if it now okay and how long i should wait to have my ssl certificate. My domain was bought through cosmotown while my free hosting plan is through 000webhost -hostinger

If you have the right nameservers set, your domain will validate.

As for your security issue, it does not really matter who your host is, the server needs to be properly configured and needs a certificate and you need to discuss this with your host.

Thanks so much. how long to wait for validation, another 24?

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DNS propagation can take up to two days, certificates are immediate.

immediate so notification via email?

Emails would only be sent in the context of certificate transparency, but you really need to get the certificate in the first place. Have you already got the certificate and talked to your host?

i havent received certificate from you guys yet

Cloudflare won’t issue a server certificate, you need to get that yourself, but again, that’s something you need to discuss with your host, not Cloudflare.

Thanks so much. My validation was successful. Unfortunately changing the domain server now i cannot access the website nor does the hosting provider able to see it through.

In that case it is best to pause Cloudflare for now (Overview screen, bottom right), work out the issues with your host, and unpause Cloudflare only once your site works fine on HTTPS.

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Hello, Thank you, i was able to reach out to my host and they couldnt help me, i changed hosts. With my new host, i have managed to configure things, i suppose i have to wait for Cloudflare to propagate the changes, kindly confirm this. Thanks a bunch!

If you have configured everything on Cloudflare and the site loaded fine when it was paused, it will also work when you enable proxying.

What’s your encryption mode?

What does it say at

“### Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full”

That should be Full Strict, as Full alone is insecure.

i was instructed by my host about installing a self signed certificate so when i was configuring again at Cloudflare dashboard i saw the same