Pending nameserver update for 2 weeks

Please help!

I have been trying for a couple of weeks now to transfer some test domains from a bunch that we have recently acquired in an acquisition. Cloudflare support say that they are ready for transfer but the Transfer is greyed out because the Cloudflare still says ‘Pending nameserver update’ the nameservers are up to date on WHOIS (you can check yourself ‘mybramble_com’ and ‘mybramble_co_uk’) but not in the Cloudflare site information.

I found this thread - but in the registrar it doesn’t look misconfigured just “unsigned” but don’t think that should be the issue and if it is how can I find out for sure?

How can I get the sites to go Active so that I can initiate the Transfer?

Thank you all in advance.

If you go to, what nameservers are assigned to these domains?

Hi Laudian, It shows the old nameservers as they were when I added the sites not the updated ones that I see in the Registrar that I am trying to transfer from or the WHOIS or MXToolbox.

You haven’t answered my question. Which nameservers do you see there?


No, that’s not what you will see if you click the link i posted.

There is a section that shows your assigned nameservers.

Which nameservers do you see there?

That link just takes me to my Cloudflare Home screen and doesn’t mention the “assigned Cloudflare nameservers” unless I click on one of the sites I created:
When I do so for one of the sites (doesn’t matter which one they are all the same)

Type Value
NS guss_ns_cloudflare_com
NS kia_ns_cloudflare_com
*note : I had to change the . to _ because it won’t let me post otherwise.

The nameserver update seems to have been successfull for both sites then.

Could you please also show a screenshot of where you see the pending nameserver error in the transfer screen?

Yes, that is how the link works. You select a domain and then it takes you to the requested page for that domain, as the page is different for every domain.

When I do a “Check Nameservers” we do get an email saying that the “Status Active”

That does look like a problem with the Cloudflare Dashboard. I would assume that you need to create a ticket to get that looked at, but maybe one of the following can help you, as everything looks correct to me, or @cloonan .

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This domain appears to belong to a global enterprise. While you can open a ticket with Cloudflare, you may want to seek guidance from within your organization as well.

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Can you share your ticket number here?

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much! The ticket number is #2914751.


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