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I have redirected the nameservers of my domains name, eğitimiç, yarinideğiş and yarinideğiş to Cloudflare for hosting, but I still see a pending nameserver warning. I converted the Turkish characters to Punycode using an IDN converter, but it still appears as pending nameserver. Can you help me with this issue?

ps: I have other domain names with Turkish characters, and I have already transferred them, and all of them are currently in an active state. Only these three domains are in a ‘pending nameservers update’ state."

ps2: I performed the transfer process approximately 1 month ago, so it should have been completed by now. I am aware that the maximum timeframe is 72 hours.

Your search for eğitimiç ( returns the below results:

No match for domain "XN--EITIMIINILKADIM-JMB06G.COM".
Your search for yarinideğiş ( returns the below results:

No match for domain "XN--YARINIDEITIRELIM-QHC76I.COM".
Your search for yarinideğiş ( returns the below results:

No match for domain "XN--YARINIDEITIRIR-N7B93H.COM".

From my end, it doesn’t look like any of the mentioned domains are registered?

Technically, there is no maximum time frame here, it will continue to be in a pending state, until the domain registry is reporting the correct name servers back in the DNS system.

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Hi there,

I believe that is your current issue:

Cloudflare Registrar does not currently support internationalized domain names (IDNs), also known as Unicode.

You can check here:

So, please register your domain with a Registrar that supports IDN, and then follow the instructions to add a site.

Take Care!

Take Care!

Hello, I used the IDN converter for the necessary translations and added the translations I made, but it still didn’t work. These translation processes were done approximately a month ago. I have a little over 10 domain names with Turkish characters in my possession, and all of them worked except for these three. I believe there must be another issue because all the translations were done at the same time and then the transfer process was initiated to Cloudflare. All the domain names containing Turkish characters, except for these three, were successfully transferred.

ps: Finally, I can say that all domain names are registered and actively visible on GoDaddy.

As I mentioned earlier, using the IDN converter, I translated more than 10 domain names, and all of them were successful except for these three.

Dear friends, there seems to be another issue, and I think I’ve found what it is. These domain names appear to be purchased by me on GoDaddy, but when I query them from another hosting company, it shows that these domain names can be registered. How is it possible to register an already registered address? There seems to be another problem here, so I think I need to contact GoDaddy. Thank you very much for your attention.

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