Pending nameserver update error | Domain registrar is CloudFlare

I moved a domain over to CloudFlare registrar few months back. Then deleted it from the control panel for a few weeks.
Today I added it back, but it’s stuck at Pending Nameservers Update - the domain is with CloudFlare Regisrar and the DNS are already changed automatically.
Removed DNSSEC, and then removed and then readded the domain again to see if it would work, but it’s not.
This is definitely a problem at CloudFlare registrar. Should I wait it out, or what?

Thank you.


Sorry, but I can’t reveal the domain name. It was moved over to CF registrar, so everything should be automated.

I opened a ticket also on this. This is a bug of course.

In that case you can only wait until support gets back to you.

They did and the guy basically pasted pre-made answers. He obviously didn’t get it. The ticket number is 1740916 if that can help any staff member on these forums to have a look.

If you cant share the domain the community cant help. You can only wait for support. Reply to their email and emphasise the issue. Sooner or later they will get it.

This is exactly what I did. Will update on what they reply.

If this is an error with CloudFlare Registrar, then it needs fixing, so I’ll update this thread for others facing similar issue.

Removing the domain from the control panel generally is not a good idea. Usually this removes this domain altogether from Cloudflare’s systems. Dont know though, how it reacts when the domain has been actually transferred.

The domain was moved over to CF in May 2019. Then I removed it from the control panel for a few weeks. Then added it back again, which is when this problem started.

Clearly, there is an issue that CF needs to figure out. It should “block” the removal of domain names that are now registered with them.

I have a “hunch” that this could be related to DNSSEC taking its time to remove itself from the internet, after the elimination of its DS record from the DNS section of the control panel.

If it’s a “wait for 24 hours” thing, then I guess clock is the master.

I am afraid I cant comment on how Cloudflare’s system reacts when you remove a domain which you actually transferred to Cloudflare, but overall that is not a good idea.

Anyhow, there is not much more that you can do than just wait for support at this point.


Helperbot should have mentioned that was an automated response which we hope has answered your question. If you need further assistance, simply reply to this email.

I can see the movement away from cf on securitytrails, but the timing does not jibe with the May 19 reference. It looks like the change of ns away from cf lasted about a month, but that was about a year ago. And, I see today it was added, deleted, added, deleted and just added again a few minutes ago.

With removing & adding, I suspect things are a bit confused now. Yes, I do see DNSSEC as enabled from a whois, but not on the dash. And in whois, I can also see an issue with Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited that may be causing an issue.


Yup, I readded itoday by removing it to see if this fixes it.

What’s the solution to this. The registrar is CloudFlare and the DNSSEC was disabled from the dash.

Is it a waiting game or something? Please guide.

This was in reference to moving to “CloudFlare registrar.” The domain itself has been in and out for more than a year.

Still no resolution. Still no reply from the support.

It’s been two days now.

DNSSEC has been disabled. DS records removed. Even removed the registrar lock.

Nothing seems to have fixed this so far. The registrar is CloudFlare, so there is little else that can be done other than the registrar support to look into this matter.

Is there a way to expedite this - the ticket ID is 1740916.


Thank you.

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OK, I did a bit of investigating on my own and it seems that it may take 3 days for the DS records to be removed from the internet.


Guess, I will wait another day or two then.

Ok, here is the update. I disabled DNSSEC for another domain name and it worked fine within 24 hours.

This is a confirmed bug in CloudFlare registrar. So far no one from the technical support team is willing to look into this.

confirmed by who?

I take it you replied to the autoresponse? I suggest that you wait for a response on the ticket - there is nothing that we can do here to speed this up. We can’t really help without knowing the domain name, either.

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No offence, but the entire thread is somewhat pointless. The community cant help in this case and the thread is a type of chatter which is better kept in a support ticket.

You are right and this is what I will do.

Thank you anyways for your input. And others too.