Pending nameserver update, blocking renewal

My domain zurweg. com was on auto renewal for last 5 years. Cloudflare is the original registrar. This year it did not renew automatically. The dashboard shows “pending nameservers update”. It has stuck in the state for more than 24 hours.
Need help to resolve the issue and renew the domain.

Cloudflare appears to be your registrar, but oddly the nameservers aren’t Cloudflare ones…

Raise a registrar ticket here…

Ensure to select “Cloudflare Registrar”.

Thanks for the reply. I raised a ticket yesterday. Based on CF feedback something went wrong at some point. On Jan 1st (at 6am, really?) the domain was deleted from the acct. I guess settings were corrupted. As part of it many features in the account do not work, so I cannot do much.

The issue was escalated, hopefully CF resolves it before the expiration.

Fixed. Thank you, CF team.

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