Pending nameserver update almost 1 day

Anybody advice me? i add my domain in our service almost 1 day but it is still pending.i have already 10 domains added in Cloudflare but this is my firs time encounter…

Are you able to share the domain in question?


Please brother advice me.

Is one of your assigned name servers

Name server updates sometimes take 48 hours. It looks like it’s slowly propagating:

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Yes, one of my name servers is

I think i wait 48 hours. thank you brother

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Hi @kalehwaleh, it looks like you deleted the zone from your account(s) but did not change name servers back to your registrar. That leaves the zone open for bad actors to take over.

Next, you have lots of different name servers showing up for that zone:

 $ dig ns +short
$ whois
Shows Gabe & Ali
Shows Leah & Coby 20 hrs ago…

Let’s keep the conversation in this thread. Bottom line, you need to take some action.


  1. Add the zone back to your account (Use the account with the name servers that correspond to what you asked your registrar to use)
  2. Wait 24 hours

@cloonan, absolutely, there is something off here.

I cant tell whether the domain is currently still on Cloudflare or not but Cloudflare still announces ali and gabe as nameservers. These are also listed by whois, so I would assume the registry has the right values. However, DNS-wise the registry returns some host’s nameservers. Why that is, only the registry knows :slight_smile:

@kalehwaleh, contact your registrar and clarify why the data diverges, respectively wait a couple of hours, maybe it takes time to sync.

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