Pending nameserver update after transfer to cloudflare

On Thursday afternoon, I finished transferring the domain from NetworkSolutions to Cloudflare, but the dashboard says “nameserver update pending.”

Before the transfer, the domain was already active in cloudflare, the nameservers were not modified and in network solutions I can no longer update them, in ICAAN it indicates that the registrar is Clouldflare.
What can I do to solve it?

Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon for registrars to reset your name servers before a transfer.

You’ll have to open a ticket via email: support AT cloudflare DOT com

Be sure to post the ticket # here from the auto reply as soon as you get it.

Thanks for your quick reply.
the ticket is # 2276844

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Escalating this now. It may have to wait for after the weekend, but someone may drop by before Monday and see it.

The old ticket was closed (I sent it from the wrong email address)
the new one is 2276851

Ok, I’ve updated the escalation.

I was reading more, and I found this documentation related to my problem:

It seems that it is an error in changing the register and only Cloudflare can fix it

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Experiencing serious issues with the same - !

Currently reflecting xxxx instead of new records mapped when DNSSEC is turned off - Error locked since 4 weeks

Purchased on Cloudflare Registrar - Linked via Cloudflare DNS - DNS Error – Cloudflare Help Center

Can anyone at Cloudflare fix this>?

Also, your Get Help > Technical/Registrar does not allow domain selection via My Domains and hence cannot contact your staff either. I Tried to access it on several devices: mobile and desktop. Does not seem to show a list of domains.

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I believe you missed this critical bit:

Sorry for the issues @weskyprint, other options:

  • Refresh the page and then submit the support request
  • Visit and then submit the support request
  • Select the Error Analytics page and then submit a support request
  • Email support AT as suggested above

The team is aware of the issue and investigating.

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