Pending Nameserver Update - 2 days past

Hello People,

I am in a bit of a pickle here. I own multiple blogs and NEVER had any problem setting up Cloudflare by changing NS to whatever given NS’s, but there is this new site on which I am trying to set up Cloudflare without changing NM’s instead using WP rocket with (Global API & Zone ID). I was told by updating Global API, and zone id in WP rocket should take care of this but its been 2 days and I still see the same message (pending nameserver update) and CDN is not active on this site.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

What’s the domain? If it’s your username, then the name servers have not been changed at the domain registrar (NameCheap)

Thanks for the quick response, sdayman. Yes, the domain is the same as my username, but I’m little confused here. lol :slight_smile: So, let me get this right… the ONLY way to activate the CDN is by changing the NS, yes? Because, I thought if I update global API and zone id in my wp rocket plugin would take care of this.

Sorry, I am not a tech guy…a quick answer to the above question would be appreciated.


let me get this right… the ONLY way to activate the CDN is by changing the NS, yes?

By changing your domain name’s NS.

Oh ok :smile:

I have changed it successfully and it shows active now but when I check GTmetrix… its still shows ( [Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)… Do you know why?

Thanks for your help.

It shows that you are not using a CDN because what GTMetrix is searching for is a separate CDN address. Cloudflare doesn’t work like that, but unless there are some specific configuration issues you should be all set.

Mainly, is your domain :grey: or :orange: in the DNS tab?

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