Pending NameServer Stuck For Days


I have a domain that has been stuck with the pending nameserver message for several days. Here’s the headscratcher … CloudFlare is my registrar. The DNS is disabled … etc … Any advice would be appreciated. I have contacted support about this. However, I haven’t received a response.


Very odd, I recommend making a support request


What’s the domain?



Hi @kevin25, I see your tickets and the replies from support. Whois sees the change of the name servers and I see support pushed through a request as well, suspect it’s a matter of time but I cc’d myself on the ticket for updates. I combined your tickets into 1641687.


2 hrs later still nothing …


Are you sure you entered the correct NS?

I see and from Cloudflare and you have entered and at the registrar’s side.


CloudFlare is the registrar … I


Oh, I see… Then I would call @SamRhea, we may have seen such an issue before.


thanks! Do you have a support ticket open? We’ve seen losing registrars change the nameservers during the transfer so that, when they show up to Cloudflare Registrar, they’re using parked nameservers.


In this case it seems they are different Cloudflare NS…

Ticket number should be this.


Yes I do #1641687)

Thank You


Correct … that’s the ticket …


Thank you!

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