Pending Nameserver since 48 hours

Dear sir or madame,

since sunday we are experiencing heavy DDOS attacks.
Can you please help us ASAP?

since 48 hours the nameserver is still pending for the domain

I ve changed the nameserver 48 hours ago.

Here a proof:

You have added two NS records to your host, you have not changed the nameservers with your registrar.

You need to do the latter instead.

Hi Sandro,

thank you very much for your reply!!!

I had a call with the registrar and he mentioned that cloudflare didn’t accept our request to set the dns settings to the cloudflare dns settings.

PLEASE HELP US ASAP. We are under heavy attack!

Here the proof:

You’ll probably experience the same issue as mentioned at Can't set nameservers - (Inconsistent Set of NS / Nameserver not authoritative)

Thanks for the quick reply!

I had a call with and they are not able to force anything.

They said that support from cloudflare is necessary.

Can you help us please? It is very urgent.

You need to contact support for that. Or you simply drop the domain from the other account, though that could still take a bit to propagate throughout the system.

Thank you!
I ve submitted the ticket.

Just keep in mind, support tickets can take a while, particularly if you are on the Free plan. It might be faster dropping it from the other account if you have access, though as mentioned earlier that won’t be instantaneous either.

Thank you for your hint!

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