Pending Nameserver has been pending for 3 days

Hi there

My Nameserver has been pending for 3 days now and I would like to know why?

What is the domain?

Your site is working and has been using Cloudflare since 2019 using the currently set nameservers (arya and cleo).

There are an additional set of nameservers for your domain so maybe you are adding the domain to a new account.

If so, you need to set those 2 nameservers at your registrar instead. They are given at the bottom of this page in your dashboard…

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.

I see that there 2 different nameservers:

Would I have to add them and delete the previous ones?

So just some background to this.

I unfortunately haven’t received the credentials to the cloudflare account during my ex colleagues handover and I had to create a new account and added that domain to the account I created.

I am very new to this, could you please provide me with some instructions to resolve this issue.

Yes, you need to replace the 2 current Cloudflare nameservers listed at your registrar with the 2 from your new Cloudflare account. Make sure you have configured the DNS in your new account to prevent any downtime, plus configured any other Cloudflare features.

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Thank you very much, I will replace them. Will there be any downtime to the site?

If the DNS settings are set correctly in the new account, along with any other settings (such as redirects, etc) before making the change, then there will be no downtime. If you’ve missing something there’s always a chance the site will become unavailable.

As the change propagates, clients will move from using the old nameservers and settings to the new ones.

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So as it is now, the site is up and running as per normal. So if I make the changes there technically shouldn’t be any down time after changes have been made.

I have tried to follow the instructions to change the nameservers but I unfortunately do not see any options to change them.

The highlighted section in the screenshot does not appear in my browser.

You change the nameservers at your registrar, not in Cloudflare.

Can I request some help changing it via the registrar please.

Only you, or whoever manages your domain name for you, can make that change. You’ll need to log in to wherever you bought the domain from to do it.

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