Pending Name Servers

My domain has been stuck in pending for a while now where Cloudflare have removed the domain.

I have added the domain and im still having the same issue.


Did you try the option Re-check now from your dashboard → Overview? Would you check the CommunityTip for quick resolution?

You may also refer:

Hey Mate,

Yes the name servers have been updated since the domain was added to Cloudflare.

In my overview screen i see nothing see below

As of now, I do not see there’s any issue. The changes are seen and now CF is active on the specified domain with proxied ips. Check the status here:

You can also see that in the image reference you’ve provided which is at the right bottom, Advanced Action → Pause Cloudflare (which means CF is active). If you’ve any further queries, best suggested to :search: in the forum for answers, also look for CommunityTip


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