Pending Name Server Validation - stuck

I’m having an issue where a domain I have added to the dashboard ( is stuck on pending name server validation

I’m pretty sure that the everything is correct from a name server point of view, dns is resolving as well and nslookup seems to be telling me that Cloudflare is the authoritative for the domain.

I’ve tried removing and readding as well but that makes no difference, the document on this issue in the community forum doesn’t seem to describe anything relevant to my situation either.

Has anyone had this before and if so what did you do to resolve it ?

Check your nameservers again, especially hunts :wink:

Thank you very much for the swift reply, I’ve amended that and I feel like a complete idiot now as well :joy:

The revalidate option seems to have gone (or maybe I’ve messed up on that as well :thinking:) so hopefully it will pick up the changes and move off pending soon enough

Thanks again !

Sounds all too familiar to me :smile: but no worries, such typos are quite common.

But have you actually fixed the nameserver? It still shows the typo.

Yep - just got the status active email now. Thanks again, I was staring at that for way too long I think :smile:

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