Pending name server update

Please help me to setup cloudfare with my wordpress website, here is website and here is sccreenshot of name server.

You havent changed your nameservers. They still point to hostpapa.

ok, where I need to change nameserver and How i can get nameserver.

I don’t have so much knowledge about this.

OK, I will try the same and I will update you soon.



Please check, I have changed the nameserver with nameserver that provided by cloudfare.


Where did you change them? There are no changes visible so far and it still points to hostpapa.

I have changed here

Your domain’s whois does show the right nameservers at this point. It might take a bit until this is propagated.

yes, showing new nameserver. let me wait for sometime.

It appears the nameservers have updated. Cloudflare should now eventually validated your account, I believe there should be even a re-verify button in the UI.


still showing “pending nameserver update”

Did you click the re-verify button?

There is one pop up came to verify email and I verified that and I also clicked on this button “Recheck Nameserver”

That was the button I referred to yesterday. When did you click it?

I click on this button “Rcheck Nameserver” yesterday and today.

If you already clicked it yesterday there might be something stuck. Maybe try opening a support ticket.

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