Pending Name Server Update - Updated & Not working


I’ve added a site of mine to cloudflare and it says “Pending Name Server Update”. The name servers have been updated and I have performed a whois check on the domain to confirm which are the correct Cloudflare name servers.

However, cloudflare isn’t picking this up and keeps saying Pending Name Server Update. I have even tried removing the domain from Cloudflare and re-adding it which also didn’t work and says the same.

Any suggestions please?!

Wait about 24-48 for changes to complete

It’s been 3-4 days.

Domain status?

May I ask what is the name of your domain?

If domain was recently addet to your Cloudflare account and if you recently changed your nameservers, it could take up to 24 hours due to DNS propagation.

… It can take up to 72 hours to propagate worldwide …

Did you followed this tutorial regarding the adding your Website to your Cloudflare account and about changing the nameservers from below?:

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