Pending Name Server Update for my DNS

I have waited for weeks now to get this Issue Resolved and shown in Cloudflare to be Active, Cloudflare still thinks it’s pending for Name Server update some of the public tools reported it correctly

DNS Name:

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➜  ~ dig +short NS

On Cloudflare it’s shows for a week now

You have added NS records to your DNS. Instead you need to set the Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar instead of the AWS ones that are currently there…

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Thanks this is domain is managed by Route53 ?

You need to set the namservers at Gandi…


Domain Status:
     Transfer Prohibited by Registrar


     Gandi SAS (

Relevant dates:
     Registered on 20th December 2022 at 17:09:48.592
     Registry fee due on 20th December each year

Registration status:
     Registered until cancelled

Name servers:
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Updated and reflecting well on whois

Name servers:

The site is active on Cloudlfare (or if still pending, it should clear in an hour when Cloudflare checks the nameservers again).

You need to add your DNS records here…

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