Pending name server update for more than 48 hrs. What should i do?

According to the nameservers are set. It’s not the first .np domain where propagation seems to take for ever :thinking:



Should i wait to be approved soon or have another way ? it’s too late.

You would need to contact your registrar and clarify why they havent updated the nameservers yet in their DNS (even though Whois does show the update).

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you mean it’s 's fault ? i have no idea idea of these things.

Yes, fault might be too strong of a word but it is them who havent announced your nameserver update yet. I cant tell whether something got stuck or they always take that long but you would need to clarify it with them.

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oh. but it shows DNS active in my registrar dashboard ? doesnt it clarify?

As mentioned before, your Whois record shows the right records (and I presume this is what is shown in your registrar’s control panel), but they dont get resolved via DNS and thats something they need to sort out.

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I have the same problem … Waiting for a response from a domain registrar

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Do you have active DNS in dashboard and everything ok in whois look up?