Pending name server update for 2 weeks+

Hello, I recently attempted to transfer my domain ( from dreamhost to cloudflare with cloudflare as registrar.

The nameservers seem to be pointing to the wrong cloudflare ones but I cannot find a way to update them on the cloudflare site.

The domain has been stuck in “Pending name server update for 2 weeks+”. I thought I could try to setup the domain again from scratch… But I cannot remove it from cloudflare to attempt a full setup as this option results in a request to “contact support”.

As a temporary solution I have bought the domain and this works ok, I can point this to pages site and it’s pretty awesome. But it would be really nice to have the .com domain.

Thanks for any help you can give!

As I see, that domain is already residing on Cloudflare Registrar?

If you scroll down on your DNS records page, what name servers are you assigned to?

Am I understanding this part correctly?

You did actually try to remove the domain from Cloudflare, and then this pending name server update started?

It is residing on Cloudflare Registrar (I’ve paid the domain registation fee to cloudflare). This is reflected in the whois for the domain

It’s asking me to update to and but is listed as and on the whois for

Yeah I can’t remove the domain from cloudflare in order to attempt to add it and have the automatic dns setup from scratch - I’m being asked to contact support to do this.

The “pending name server update” was a problem before I tried to remove the domain to start again with the automatic setup

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That doesn’t happen. The DNS scan only occurs once, unless you remove the domain from Cloudflare for an extended period. Even then, you would need to create DNS records elsewhere for them to be detected in a scan.

Is your domain registration present in the account where you see the new nameservers? If it is you will need to open a registrar support request from your Cloudflare account dashboard. If it is not, you may be in the wrong Cloudflare account. If you open a support request, please share the ticket number here so that it can be escalated.

Is there a way for me to manually update the nameservers to those requested when cloudflare is the registrar?

You cannot change the nameservers when using Cloudflare registrar. If you are certain that you are in the correct account, you will need to Koren a support request.

From what I can tell, this is an internal bug and will require a ticket to be created by you, so we can perform proper authentication and attach everything to the ticket.

Please submit a Support Request via your Dashboard for the Registrar product, and you may reply here with the ticket number. I already have the Registrar team prepped to look into it as soon as you do.



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Hi @jason.tatton

The domain should be active now.

Oh hi thanks louise2 - I just submitted a ticket as advised: [2969235] but it looks like the site is up. Thanks so much