Pending name server update even it has propagated

I’ve updated the nameserver in my my godaddy account.
When I checked it , it is pointed to Cloudflare. It has been almost 24 hours since records has propagted in whatsmydns site but Cloudflare is still showing pending name server. Can you help me.
It has broken my site and emails are also not working properly

Name server changes can take up to 48 hours. That link you provided shows more blanks than I normally see from whatsmydns for name servers.

In my previous experience, it has worked in 10-15 minutes. Due to this upgrade my email and site aren’t working properly, whats the solution for that

The domain is set to use Cloudflare’s nameservers, but it also has DNSSEC active with some non-Cloudflare keys.             172800  IN      NS             172800  IN      NS             86400   IN      DS      30061 8 2 AF254473E7F915A7339DEFEB3A91CF5F0554038E7AF60B46398C08D5 32472294             86400   IN      DS      30061 8 1 CF946582F112AE70F705F7EEA17B42FA05147229             86400   IN      DS      10834 8 2 EE8D6A35BB603D62EC59782EF1227E0FBFB77666686F9C40ABE532D1 1492835E             86400   IN      DS      10834 8 1 0DA39774243F3FA54FD54B53273BFAE19EAE7DBD

You should remove the DS records at your registrar.

You can reactivate DNSSEC with Cloudflare (and Cloudflare’s DS records) later.

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Thank you. It resolves the issue

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