Pending Name Server Update & Adding MX Record

Hi CloudFlare Community

I was not able to update the NameServer

In addition to that I Added MX record for Mimecast DNS Server but still not propagate after I deleted the G-Suite MX Record

Hi @akram,

Why can’t you change the nameservers? That’s something you’ll have handle at your registrar.

If you’ve changed DNS records in that accounts it won’t take effect until the nameservers have been changed.

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Thanks for your reply
The register is CloudFlare

Cloudflare is not your registrar. Most definitely not, because Cloudflare Registrar doesn’t support .sa domains. Cloudflare is only your DNS provider.

It’s whoever you pay so you can own the riyadhcement domain name.


Our Objective is to route E-mail from to Mimecast Email Security Gateway.

Okay, Let me check for Updating the Nameserver through the Domain Registrar for .sa domain which is the Saudi Network Information Center (SaudiNIC).

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