Pending name server

my domain successfully updated to Cloudflare name servers , as you can see here whoisdomaintoolscom/itmall*ps

but its still showing pending on Cloudflare control panel

please help

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I assume you just set it.

The nameservers look properly set from your whois, and you do not appear to have any status codes on your domain preventing DNS Resolution. You should just have to wait a bit of time, usually they say 24-48 hours max. My experience with ccTLDs like ps is that they tend to be slower to update then more popular gTLDS like com.

At the moment, the nameservers for the ps ccTLD are still returning nxdomain, so you’ll have to give it more time. Although they say up to 24-48 hours, my experience is that changes propagate way faster, but they are certainly not instant, some patience is required.

If the issue persists after waiting a day, let us know!