Pending name server issue with .gov domain

I have a domain name with .gov and I have pointed the Cloudflare name servers from my domain registrar and it’s now resolved worldwide. but still, Cloudflare says pending name server. can you please help as it’s urgent and I have been waiting for the past 24 hours.

Thank you.

Here is the support ticket which i created.


I’ve added that ticket # to the escalation queue.

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24 hours passed, iam getting below response while trying to check name server again.
I don’t know which txt record its trying to check.

The verification TXT record of *** is already being re-checked. You may only submit a re-check once per hour.

My domain ***.gov is now active on Cloudflare. a note for anyone who is facing the same issue.

I didn’t remove the old GoDaddy NS servers entries from my registrar just as a precaution, but it backfired. I had to remove the old NS server entries and then in an hour it just got active.

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Thanks, I’m gonna try this!