Pending edge certificate validation for 3 days


My edge certificate validation for my domain hubcity[.]fr is still pending, it initially timed out so I disabled the universal certificate as I saw on other threads, then re-enabled it.
After that change, it is still pending txt validation 3 days later.

Is there any solution to this issue? I have other domains on cloudflare and never had this problem.

Same issue as over here:

My personal advice in this case, would be to enable DNSSEC signing within Cloudflare.

Next, you need to re-configure your domain’s DNSSEC on OVH, to make sure that it matches the DNSSEC data from within your Cloudflare Dashboard.

In Cloudflare, you can find that information through this magic link:

About maintaining / changing DNSSEC at OVH, you may be able to use these pointers:

→ Securing your domain name with DNSSEC - OVHcloud

→ ClouDNS: Activating DNSSEC with OVH

I did disable DNSSEC from OVH 3 days ago as I read that post too.

If that request made it’s way to their systems back then, it might be OVH that has been slow to push the deactivation of DNSSEC towards the domain registry.

As of last night when I wrote, the broken DNSSEC was still at the domain registry.

That has however changed as there is now no DNSSEC configuration at the domain registry, but enabled in Cloudflare, - e.g. the inverse way from what I mentioned above.

It does however appear you’ve had a certificate issued for your domain around an hour after your last message?

Does everything look good now?

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