Pending domain

**Why is my website still on pending

What is your domain name?

My domain name is:

Hi @studentlodge247,

I sent you a DM to ask additional questions.

Sean Mitchell

You currently have three nameservers set, Cloudflare requires you to use only their two nameservers.

I made used of the two server on my webhost platform, I did not use third one.
Please how how can this solved.


You need to remove the additional nameserver at your registrar. If you’re not sure how rondo that then you should contact them.

I have removed the third name server now, so how long should I wait before my server on Cloudflare is well optimized

It can take 24-48 hours for your site to activate but it can be much quicker than that.

Okay, thank you all for your assistance in resolving this issues.