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I have added NS records to my domain more than 24 hours ago. I see them on visible on different tools, but Cloudflare status is not update yet. I have free plan selected. What’s wrong? The domain name:

You didn’t set the correct nameservers at your registrar, but that won’t help much, as your site is currently not loading securely.

You first need to fix your SSL setup on your server. Contact your host for that and make sure it loads fine on HTTPS. Only then use Cloudflare.

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Yep, SSL not working, I dont have certificate, I want Cloudflare free certifcate. You see SSL problem because I’ve set up force https not http in preferences. That should not be a real source of my problem.
Take a look at this tool [Preformatted text]( it shows NS records proper.

Afraid that’s not how it works. Cloudflare cannot secure a site which is not secure. You need to talk to your host and get them to fix that. Once your site loads fine on HTTPS, you can use it on Cloudflare and need to make sure you set the correct nameservers as instructed at your registrar.

If you use Cloudflare before your server was properly configured, you will only have an even more broken site.

So again, Cloudflare is of no use at this point, you first need to talk to your host and get the site working on HTTPS. Until then, Cloudflare is not involved. All you could do is get an Origin certificate, but that’s not different from Let’s Encrypt and still needs to be configured by your host.

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If you do want an Origin certificate, you can get it from

But again, your host still needs to configure this on their server.

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Ok, thank you. I will talk to my server provider.

The domain does load fine on HTTPS now and you only need to complete the Cloudflare setup and change the nameservers at your registrar as indicated by Cloudflare. Also make sure that no other nameservers are set.

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