Pending domain/nameservers state for 5 days

Hey Guys!
I can’t seem to solve my issue with the “verify domain ownership”-state here and it’s been over 5 days.
Domain: staras1869(dot)com
Nameservers are set with my registrar, and there is no issues from their end when speaking to them.
No issues when speaking to my hosting-provider from their end.

I have other domains with exactly the same settings - without any issues.
dnssec-analyzer - No issue with DNSSEC.
dnschecker - Shows only 3 locations with green checkmark.

If someone could help or point me in the right direction, I would be so so happy!

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The two nameservers you set, leah and decker, are saying they are not ones Cloudflare assigned to you.
I would double check the nameservers Cloudflare is telling you to use, which you can see in the overview of your website in Cloudflare, and the spelling of your domain. Screenshot would be helpful if you can’t find anything wrong.

Recently it was changed so if you try to preset your Cloudflare account default nameservers at your registrar before adding the site to Cloudflare, Cloudflare will pick two new ones to prevent domain hijacking, which you may be not expecting.

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Thank you for answering! I’m always copying what cloudflare are auto-providing me, so it shouldn’t be any typos or that kind of human errors…

Those DNS records don’t look quite right, it should be shortening the into just www if is the site you added to Cloudflare.

At the top of that page should show DNS management for .. What domain do you see there? Screenshot would be helpful

Edit: It looks like you inputted your domain into Cloudflare as instead of, as those nameservers are responsible for that domain. You can just delete and readd in Cloudflare (can export and re-import any DNS records as well).

You typo’d the domain when adding to Cloudflare, you own 69 but put 96.
You can just delete and readd in Cloudflare (can export and re-import any DNS records as well), and then change the nameservers it gives you at your Registrar again if different.

Ohhh… I see that now! That’s why you need a couple of more eyes sometimes :joy:
Will do that! Thank you Mr. Awesome!


So, Cloudflare says the site is active and DNS checker looks good. But the site is still not accessible, at least not for me. Are you able to access it?

DNS is slow to update. Updating nameservers can take hours depending on the TLD/etc (they usually say up to 48 I believe). Updating DNS Record can take a while too due to DNS Cache and such.
It’s usually way faster, but lots of layers of caching and things that need to update.

Most likely you are just being hit by DNS Cache. You could try switching to Cloudflare’s Public DNS Server ( or Google’s, and clearing your local device DNS Cache (depends on OS)

It does load for me though, though invalid cert:

I’m getting that now too… Isn’t it weird becuse cloudflare is providing with the SSL cert?

Not exactly. Cloudflare has an edge certificate, used for returning responses on its end. It’s how it returns that page as secured.

Your origin still needs a valid certificate as well, to encrypt communication between Cloudflare’s Edge and your origin.

If you need a valid certificate, you can use Cloudflare’s Origin Certificates (under SSL/TLS → Origin Server) Origin CA certificates · Cloudflare SSL/TLS docs
They work as normal certificates do but they’re only trusted by the Cloudflare proxy and can last up to 15 years.
You’ll need to install/configure a valid certificate on your origin server. It could be an origin certificate, a Let’s Encrypt certificate automated via certbot, etc, any valid browser trusted one or Cloudflare Origin Certs.

User ← Encrypted via Edge Certificate → Cloudflare ← Encrypted via Certificate at Origin → Origin

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