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We currently peer with Cloudflare at NYIIX and LINX however our LINX LON1 IPv4 session is currently down and in the peering portal it shows as un-configured but available. Our IPv6 session at LINX LON1 is however up as are both sessions at NYIIX.

I’ve tried reaching out to the NOC and Peering contacts in PeeringDB several times over the past couple of months but so far have not received anything back and the session remains down.

I wondered if anyone had another contact for the Peering team at Cloudflare or any guidance on how to get a session moved from available to configured in the peering portal?

Just as an update - I have sent another e-mail to the contacts on PeeringDB but it’s been about 6 weeks overall since the first message was sent.

Hey, @matt.parkinson let me see what I can do. Will get back to you shortly.

Thank you @adspedia. I appreciate your help.

Hi @adspedia - I wondered if you had any luck?

Sorry to follow up - I’m just conscious that it says the thread will close after 5 days which is today.

Maybe @cloonan has a way to contact @adspedia internally when this still is open, which it seems like

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Thank you, @oneandonlyjason. Earlier I noticed that @adspedia bumped it internally with the team and figured reopen was the needed state.


Thank you all for your efforts on this.

Just as an update I’ve had a quick check of the peering site to see if there is any change and confirm we are still seeing the same with just the IPv4 session at LINX LON1 as potential whilst IPv6 is configured and up.

@cloonan, @oneandonlyjason and @adspedia - I just wanted to circle back to this and see if you had any success with the teams internally? I have sent a further e-mail to the peering contacts as well just in case it got a response.

Bumped this internally again.

Thank you.

Thank you all for your help. I have now had communication back from the peering team and our session is established again.

I really appreciate it, thank you.

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