Peereng AS

For a long time we had a problem with AS50576, we were losing 2% of packets to your service.
I have repeatedly written to your email addresses

but have not received a response.
We want to establish direct peering with you through the Giga NET platform, we know that you also have a presence there, but do not disclose prefixes in their community.
Can we establish direct peering with you to solve possible problems?

IP address of our routing server on the Giga NET platform:
Thank you in advance for your response.

Have you tried through the Cloudflare Peering Portal?

Re. your PeeringDB entry, you’re listing “Required - International” under the setting for “Multiple Locations”.

Yet you’re listing only one option for public peering point, and one private interconnection facility with your AS, both of which are in Kiev, UA.

Many networks require quite a bit of traffic, in order to consider adding private interconnections, and given the above, it sounds to me like you require peering through both options at the same time, considering the way your PeeringDB network profile has been set up.

So if a certain amount of peering traffic is required for the other AS to consider the private interconnection option, I could be tempted to understand that your own “Required - International” setting may be disqualifying you from peering with the other network?

Multiple locations can perhaps go a far way with twisting around the words, but considering your own network’s peering presence, that requirement would seem a bit excessive to me?

We are only on the GigaNET platform, but you do not broadcast your networks on their platform.
We get traffic from you through other operators, but we can get it directly from you - why not use it?
Perhaps there are errors in our record on the PeeringDB portal - We do not understand its construction very well, but we want to work with you via a direct connection.

I couldn’t find the Cloudflare Peering Portal feedback!
And I haven’t received a single response to all the emails I’ve sent!

That sounds to me to be referring to only one platform / location.

I’m not going to say that I’m 100% correct on the understanding with the above either.

To me personally, it seems like you have one place that says something, but which may actually be contradicting with something else, which is the sole reason I pointed it out.

And with more and more networks out there steering towards automation in various different directions, I just have a feeling that some automated systems might be able take that into the evaluation, and thereby automatically disqualify you, due to assessments based on the criteria you list.

I will therefore suggest you to check up on your PeeringDB profile, and make sure that your profile matches reality.

I believe the Cloudflare Peering Portal has been made to simplify the peering, as Cloudflare runs a large scale network, and likely with (a lot of) automation, including, in regards to peering.

Email, which will often be with unstructured data (whether we’re talking peering or whatever other subject) can often be a pain to work with, and requires a lot of man hours for something that could be (mostly) automated.

I would therefore suggest to try through the Cloudflare Peering Portal, and then let me know how that goes.

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Yes, we have only one platform/location

That’s right, we’re also looking to automate the most common areas of our network, and that’s why I started reaching out to Cloudflare, because of the direct BGP connection, that’s automation, when our customers can directly access your servers for their needs!

I’m sorry, but I didn’t find any relevant menus, links, outlines on the Cloudflare Peering Portal platform for submitting requests for private BGP connection, maybe you can tell me what I’m doing wrong, or can you tell me which email address I need to contact regarding private BGP connection?

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I contacted them from all the email addresses we have, but I didn’t get a response to any of them!
I would like to ask for a possible correction from your tank, which email address should I use to resolve private BGP peering?

Where did you see anything about contacting anyone using any email in anything that I wrote?

You need to use the peering portal as instructed. Follow the link that I shared to the PeeringDB entry for Cloudflare. It contains all of the information that you need, or it links to the information.

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