Peculiar 525 error

Webserver: cert is invalid since 5 days. Only today I starter to get 520 and 525 errors.
What is strange is that:

  1. When on Cloudflare I have SSL set to flexible the website does not work at all (constant 520 errors). But this should work imho.
  2. When on Cloudflare I have SSL set to Full the website works with an occasional 525 error. But why does it work when my cert on the server is invalid?
  3. When I disable Cloudflare I get a website notify that the site is not secure.

I do not have access to the server logs - the webstore provider does not give it. I also wrote to them about it.

I have already asked for a renewal of the certificate on the server as I need to get this working ASAP. So things might be working by the time you read this. Initially I let the cert expire because I thought it would work with flexible mode.


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