PDF's failing to upload to home page on website

When I try to upload PDF’s to our website, I sometimes get a message to say that the PDF may have been uploaded but it is not in the media library. But It doesn’t make sense because it happens sometimes but not others. Even in the same session. Can anyone help me sort this out please?

Using WordPress? :thinking:

If you temporary enable the “Pause Cloudflare for this site” option from the CF dashboard bottom-right corner, does it work then or still shows the same warning/error?

What’s the file size of that particular file you’re trying to upload?
Is your upload speed a bit slower?
Did you get some kind of a timout error too shown in the Developer Console (F12) of your Web browser?

Thanks for replying,

Yes Word Press. I have not tried pausing Cloudflare but will try to work out how to do this.

File sizes are normally under 1mb
Upload speed is normally good.
I am unsure about the (F12) timeout error but will have a look.

I have tried pausing Cloudflare, this does not work.

What’s showing up in your browser console? Open a new browser tab, and load the homepage of your website in question. Then pull up the developer tools window (in Brave browser/Google Chrome/Microsoft Edge it should be the F12 shortcut key, in Firefox [and the rest of them] the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+I will bring it up) and resize it so that you can work with these tools while viewing your site.

Select the tab that says “console” along the top of the developer tools window, and then in the tab with your site selected/active, go through the process of trying to upload the PDF file as you mentioned in your original post. Make sure that you have the filtering option for the console messages de-selected so as to show all kinds of entries when they process.

Let it run it’s course, and you should see a whole bunch of stuff fill up in the console log. Will only take 20-30 seconds if you’re being conservative/careful, and this should clarify if the issue is something on your end with your browser keeping the upload from successfully processing (which would show a POST message in the log) or if there’s some other kind of issue like misconfigured networking or a script issue.

You can expand any of these log entries by clicking on the little triangle. Now there’s a ton of data available.

Assuming your problem is an obvious misconfiguration, then you should show errors in the console log that will be obvious by sight. Let me know what shows up and I can help you from there.

(edit: am limited to only including one uploaded image in my first post, lol, sorry)

Thank you for feedback information.

Then I am afraid this sounds to me like there either as a client (Web browser) or the host (server) issue, if it’s happening to you even when the Cloudflare is paused :thinking:

Thanks for your assistance Fritex, that makes sense.

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