PCI fail SSL Certificate with Wrong Hostname

my website failed a PCI scan with the error “SSL Certificate with Wrong Hostname” even though the SSL checker picks up the certificate. The impact is: The SSL certificate for this service is for a different host.
I believe that it is looking to the web host for the certificate but it is now controlled by Cloudflare. Should I just purchase an Edge SSL certificate on Cloudflare or is there another solution?

Probably related to part of the DNS name being Cloudflaressl.com, but this is not an issue.


PCI does not require the TLS certificate you use be exclusive to your hostname, at least from skimming the DSS document. If it gives you a specific requirement ID (eg 1.3.2 or similar) post that here.

Thank you, I can’t find that. I think I will try purchasing and Edge certificate and see if that cures the issue. Thanks for your help

Is it possible to get an update on this? Did purchasing Edge certificates cure the issue for you?

Hi Alon,
In the end we reverted back to the SSL certificate on the IP address that the scan was looking for and let Cloudflare handle the DNS only and that passed the scan.

Thanks for your help,


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