PCI DSS violation for Pro plan?

There’s no any PCI compliance for Pro. (I know PCI DSS 3.2 compliance for Business and up)

Follow up the thread PCI Compliance for Pro plan and said no PCI DSS compliance for Pro plan, would like to know further, does that mean it’ll violate PCI DSS compliance as long as we stay on Pro plan as a dependency ?

This is AWS cloud provider’s PCI support as below. Is this point of view from AWS same as from Cloudflare service ?

  • As a customer who uses AWS services to store, process, or transmit cardholder data, you can rely on AWS technology infrastructure as you manage your own PCI DSS compliance certification.

AWS does not directly store, transmit, or process any customer cardholder data (CHD). However, you may create your own cardholder data environment (CDE) that can store, transmit, or process cardholder data using AWS services.

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