Paywall for using my domain? /Namervers/

Hi all,
I needed to update my name servers to connect with my hosting provider and upload my website. However, I discovered that it would cost $200 USD per month, which I find ridiculous since I’ve never encountered such charges with any other domain registrar. Now, I’m unsure how to proceed with uploading my website.

Is this real? Or am I just missing something? I cannot use my domain unless i upgrade to business?

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If you are using Cloudflare registrar, there is no option to change nameservers, even on a Business subscription. The custom nameservers available on the Business subscription allows you to use your domain name on Cloudflare nameservers, but you still must use Cloudflare nameservers.

Cloudflare registrar is an at-cost domain registration service offered as an exclusive benefit for domains that use Cloudflare nameservers. It is not suitable for use with any hosting service that requires the use of their nameservers. Most hosting does not have such a requirement. Normally you just need to create the appropriate DNS entries, such as www and enter the IP address provided by your host.

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