Paypal over issue

Hi there,

I’m getting errors using payapal website over NS today (13/11/2020)
Looks like www paypal com is resolving to wrong address

ping -> -> NS:

Hope this help

probably this is not CF issue but Paypal directly.
Rapported so the others are not surprise with this error today
Also maybe we are facing dns poisoning egainst paypal :slight_smile:

That’s the same address their authoritative nameserver returns

nslookup -type=cname
Address:  canonical name =

There shouldn’t be any issue.

refresh your lookup and also chack against google and quad dns then you will see what is going on
Like stated I think for now this is directly paypal related.
Paypal has own ASN and not using fastly for any hosting

Did you read what I wrote? This is a query from their authoritative server.

What exactly do you believe to be the issue? You need to provide more details.

I read your ansver m8
Did you read my?

ansvers for caa ex by google once give you akamai adresses and when you ask again then

Like stated probably this is Paypal issue directly and can also indicate some domain poisoning attempts

Again, what’s the issue you are reporting here?

If that is a Paypal issue you are on the wrong forum :slight_smile:

I’m rapporting for all CF users that they can have an issues opening my friend

I’m CF user and have this issue today so this is why you are reading this on this forum


The Paypal address resolves fine on Cloudflare

nslookup -type=cname
Address:  canonical name =

nslookup -type=cname

Non-authoritative answer:  canonical name =

The authoritative servers seem to disagree about the CNAMEs but that’s not necessarily an issue.

Again, Paypal resolves fine via Cloudflare’s nameservers. If you believe there’s an issue with Paypal you will need to contact them directly.

For me Paypal resolves to Fastly ASN

Yes, that’s what it resolves too.

Post a screenshot of the issue you have.

You posted NS lookup which resolve to NeuStar, Inc. ASN

My issue is that I can’t open www paypal com at all I’m NS user like you can see in my previous post
Need to go but will reply if needed when on my station again


What I posted are the addresses resolved by Cloudflare and Paypal’s server and they point to the same.

If there is an issue with Paypal you need to contact them I am afraid. Cloudflare can’t “fix” their DNS records.

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