Paypal Express Woocommerce

Hi there & thanks in advance,

We are using Cloudflare free on our website and we have a wordpress website with woocommerce using Paypal Express payments.

The problem:
We add the item to cart, proceed to checkout. The paypal payment page on the paypal site loads fine and we go through the process of paying for the item. Paypal processes the payment but then the page hangs then shows the timeout error message from Cloudflare.

The error seems to happen on the redirect. I have tried adding rules to the firewall to allow anything with paypal in the uri and also the wc-api (woocommerce) url to the firewall allow list, but still no go. Paypal recommends to not add specific IPs, but I’m not sure what other options there are for this.

As of right now I have disabled Cloudflare to test it and it works just fine with it disabled.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

Hello there,

Did you get the error code? since you said:

I assume, it must be the 408 error. This error is usually caused due to a slow internet connection. You can try again or with other browser or with different connection.

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