PayNet transitions to a cloud-based computing model

PayNet operates the MyDebit domestic payment card program, with over 47 million cards in circulation. Malaysian consumers can use the MyDebit card to access automated teller machines (ATMs) and make purchases both online and at brick-and-mortar merchants. However, as cloud computing became the technology of choice over the past several years, electronic payment providers emerged. PayNet had to transition to internet-based connections, using a technology called Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), to continue serving banks and furthering its mission to promote electronic payments in Malaysia.

This transition from private connectivity to APIs made it necessary for PayNet to enhance its security using a methodology called Zero Trust, which would allow PayNet to continue to provide secure and trusted transactions.

Prior to deploying Cloudflare, PayNet used an older web application firewall (WAF) to block cyberattacks, with DDoS protection provided by their internet service provider. However, the WAF was complex and time-consuming to configure and manage, and their DDoS protection was insufficient to meet PayNet’s needs. Additionally, neither service scaled well to handle traffic spikes, nor did either service support a modern Zero Trust security model. Read more to find out what happened when PayNet turned to Cloudflare.

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