Payments Gateway Issues


I am having issues with a small e-commerce website, which uses Woocommerce and the Global Payments HPP.

I have read through multiple threads about similar issues with different gateways, but none of the fixes or tests I found have helped so far so I would appreciate any direction to find other solutions.

The issue is with Global Payments sending the response back to the site following the transaction. This is an intermittent issue which leads me to believe it could be an IP problem - possibly when the gateway responds from different IPs? I have the full list of IPs from GP.

These are not creating any Firewall Events in the log unless they hit the whitelist firewall rule - I have a further question about this below…

I have done the following so far:

  • Created firewall rules for GP IPs to bypass User Agent blocking, Browser Integrity Check, Security Level and rate limiting
  • Added IP access rules for GP IPs, however Cloudflare does not accept IP ranges outside /16 or /24 and global payments does use these.
  • Turned off browser integrity checks on the account
  • Turned off bot fight mode
  • Note: Security level is currently set to Medium
  • Tested different minimum TLS versions to make sure that wasn’t causing an issue
  • Looked at server logs and I can confirm the payments that do not work are not hitting the origin server
  • Contacted GP to see if they had any more information from their side, but they were less than helpful
  • Paused Cloudflare fully to test and payments work when it is paused

I am wondering if my understanding that IP access rules happen before it hits the Firewall and therefore do not create a Firewall log is correct?

Is there anything I should try that I have not listed above?

Thank you for your help.

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