Payment still not going through. Domain renewal. How to initiate manual payment?

I have tried to create a ticket but unable to do so. It wants a screen shot of error. Well there is no error!

I am trying to make payment on my domain renewal.
My domain is set to expire in 2 days.
My payment info was not updated, ok my fault. Got info updated last week and figured the ‘nightly’ auto processing would charge me or something. but not as of yet.
I see there is some issues with billing - ok - Does that mean I won’t ‘loose’ my domain?
Side note: My domain is down as of now. When I trying to manage the domain comes back with " Error

There was an error fetching domain data"
I figure that error is not billing related, right??

Any Help appreciated

Sorry for the issues @timatim I have created ticket 3208879 on your behalf. You can communicate with the team on that ticket and add whatever details you would like. I will flag that for my colleagues in Support.

Thank you.
Will update that ticket with domain or other info…

Maybe we could take the requirement for that field away when submitting a ticket?? Just a thought

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I wil ask the team, I’ve not encountered that myself, but will let the team know.

Hi @timatim,

Our Billing Team has replied in the ticket.

I hope this helps, but please let us know if you need further assistance.

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Yes communicating with a support person, so thank you for that.
I paid 4.21 that I don’t think I owed, and your documentation was in conflict with itself, but if it fixes the issue willing to pay I guess.

If this domain is lost I will loose cloudflare, ok?
The new Credit card has been updated for a week now. (Not sure the support person understands hmmmm)

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Got domain renewed. Thanks
suggesting on improving the ux when paying. list the actual amount to be charged for transaction. In my case the extra taxes was not listed, so after alot of work on my end figured out there was not enough funds because I was not adding in taxes. Well that should be displayed and communicated more clearly (Oh sure there is a star note we will add taxes and display in invoice … in fine print, but that is not clear) Just a suggestion.

Mark this as fixed. Later might try to figure out where the $4.21 came from!

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Thank you, spot-on feedback that I will share with the team.


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