Payment Processing Issue on My Website for Android and Some iPhone Users

Hello Cloudflare Community,
I’ve been enjoying the exceptional experience and protection Cloudflare provides for my website. However, I’ve encountered a peculiar issue that only arises when I use Cloudflare.
Specifically, a significant number of Android users, along with a few iPhone users, face difficulties during the payment process on my website. Despite successfully completing a purchase, I don’t see any record of their transaction in the website backend (normally, an order should be generated as soon as the “Buy” button is clicked). Consequently, after payment, users are unable to access the content they’ve purchased, as the order seems not to be generated at all.
Here’s a detailed description of the payment process on my site:

  1. Users click on “Buy,” which triggers a request to:
    2.) The website calls a payment QR code from another partner payment platform for users to scan and pay via Alipay (Request URL:
  2. As both the partner platform app and my Alipay app are on the same phone, my Alipay receives the payment notification. The platform then signals my website. Before that, is requested every few seconds.
  1. Once the payment is successful, the website page should automatically refresh to display the content purchased. However, in the problematic scenarios I mentioned, the site repeatedly polls without displaying the purchased content. While the partner platform correctly logs the order and payment status, my website acts as if the transaction never existed.
    This error does not occur when Cloudflare is bypassed and the domain directly points to the IP address. The issue mainly affects Android users in China, making it challenging to discern a pattern. I’ve checked Cloudflare’s “events” and the error logs for the website, Nginx, and MySQL but found no trace of the described issue. Despite attempting to adjust cache settings through Cloudflare, the problem persists.

    I am seeking advice from the professionals here in the hope of resolving this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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