Payment problem

Hi, is there anyone can help me
i can not pay right now ! i try a lot of time but face me same error
there is no any problem with my card , i just check it again and i pay some hosting fee right now
i just make a support ticket but after around 24 hour still nobody answer me !

the error message :
We weren’t able to change your plan at the moment, please try again later.
Internal Error setting zone to new plan. Please contact Cloudflare Support. (Code: 1225)

its too bad there is no any support in Cloudflare

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There has been a banner on my account indicating that Cloudflare is upgrading their billing system which could impact things.

I get a similar message trying to setup a new account. After I choose my plan, I get an error. The banner says the upgrade should be complete Feb 8.

However, since your message says to contact support, I would submit a ticket to get more details. I do find Cloudflare pretty responsive when I’ve turned in tickets.

thank you , yes i saw the banner about updating procedure , but now the question is why nobody answer me in ticket after around 40 hour !

Hi @Ermya, the support team is experiencing an unprecedented demand for our free service, that’s causing a delay for our Free customers. I see your tickets from yesterday and have merged them into 1636236. I’m sorry for the issues you’re experiencing, but multiple tickets slows down the queue as all tickets are answered and need to be addressed in priority order of Enterprise, Business, Pro, and Free.

At this time we have a billing system upgrade in process and ask your patience while we work through that upgrade. You can review the status here, Cloudflare Status - Billing System Upgrade.

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Hi cloonan,
thank you for your attention ,
yes as you can see its around 1 month my ticket is still open ! yes exactly my problem is this! its free service because i can not order pro service !
i changed my domain and register new domain in case for testing
i just bought pro plan for my new domain ( interesting was success ! but i dont know why for my old domain i can not do )
any way today i open another ticket because i can not enable rate limit for my pro plan domain! i dont know what is wrong with my account !
i have another account also in Cloudflare (because i use global firewall rule for all domain in account ) with around 5 domain and all of them are pro plan, interesting is i dont have any problem in that account ! i can buy plans , https , retelimit , loadbalancing , etc … !

but what happened with that account ! why i can not other nothing there ?
why after 1 month nobody is there to fix it ? im not free customer ! i want buy the plans for my domains but i can not !!!

maybe its better to find alternative service

Hi @Ermya, sorry for the ongoing issues, just made some notes on the ticket and will follow up with the team.

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thank you i will try

Thank you @cloonan ,
i think this was your follow up for my problem, now my problem solved and finally i paid for my subscribe plan
thank you so much

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Hi @Ermya, I saw your note on the ticket and made a note to the engineer. Let us know when it works reliably.

Hi @Ermya, the team confirmed they have done the needful, please let us know if everything is as expected & we really appreciate your ongoing support. Thank you.

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Hi there! I am having a similar issue. How do I get this resolved?