Payment Problem Turkey website
Dedicated SSL Certificate Payment Problem Turkey.
PayPal is banned in Turkey. Do you have different payment method?

Documentation says Credit Card and PayPal. Do you have MasterCard or VISA?

Yes, there is a MasterCard. how can I make the payment

In your Cloudflare dashboard, your Profile menu in the upper right corner has a Billing option. Once you get there, there is a Payment Method section where you can add a credit card.

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Me too As the and web sites; dedicated SSL Certificate Payment Problem in our country where is Turkey.
PayPal is banned in my country. :frowning: is the reason why the security issue occurs when the payment is being disapproved? I want to pay the destination card master cart.

What error code/message are you seeing when attempting to pay, @tam.dekor?

Not related to your issue, but fyi if using PayPal for a subscription purchase, it needs to be tied to a credit card, not debit.