Payment not done (Please help me)

I have added the card but payment is not deducted. Why so? I want to buy professional plan so that I can use pro service, request you to deduct my payment and activate professional service

Error show: Zone is not able to be upgraded at this time. Contact [email protected] for assistance. (Code: 1258)

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Do as the message says. The community cannot help with billing issues. Send an email to them from your accounts email


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I am living in India country, I am buying its pro plan, but this problem has

come with me, which I am showing you below, I am seeing this problem since 8 days. But till now this problem is not solved. Now I don’t know what to do. Has the way of buying it changed? I do not know this, because seeing this problem, I am getting very troubled. Will any one help me because i need to buy pro plan

As @Walshy said:

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