Payment Method, VCC or PrePaid Cards

Hi , i want to know can i pay for my service with PREPAID CARDS ?

Like Virtual Credit Card ( master or … )


As long as there are enough funds and the charge goes through I wouldnt imagine there’d be problems.

so if i buy a prepaid card ( online ) with $100 balance and want to buy SSL for my website ( every month $5 total in 12 months $60 ) so can i use that card ?

You can try, but neither the community nor CF can guarantee if your transaction will work. Visa/Mastercard/Paypal’s fraud prevention systems are black boxes so the transaction won’t go through if red flags go off.

As @judge said, you can certainly try.

But why pay for SSL? The free one here is quite good.

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i need dedicated SSL

The new certificates are pretty much dedicated SSL. What is it about dedicated SSL that you need? Not that I mind you spending money here, but not if it’s something you don’t need.

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I would expect it to work, but as @Judge already mentioned and as with any online transaction it still can fail for whatever reason. Is there a particular reason why a prepaid card?

Also, following up to @sdayman, why do you want a dedicated certificate? Particularly the $5 one does not really offer anything additionally (the $10 one has the custom hostnames).

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my friend have a website, and want use Cloudflare ddos protection, but he have not creditcard or paypal ( he is from another country ) and said my about my credit card , i dont know whats he website really and if i use my credit card for his website , if his website be a bad website or scam or … then for Cloudflare services is any problem for my banking or credit card ?

if his website be a bad website then Cloudflare make COMPLAINT from me or anything like that ?!!


So you basically want to pay for a friend but not with your own card? Why cant he get his own card or Paypal account?

Also, if a friend is potentially involved in scamming I’d reconsider the circle of friends :slight_smile: Personally I’d stay away from that if you have reasonable ground for such concerns in the first place.


his country have problem with usa , they can open credit card or paypal , so he want test PREPAID card,

i tested PREPAID card and Cloudflare said an error :

status: 500, message: failed calling backend for creating a sub for account ID 12451002: Unable to process payment: Do Not Honor: 05 : DECLINE (Code: 1226)

it seems have problem with VCC

Which country are we talking about?

As for the failed payment, your only option is to contact support and they might be able to clarify what failed.

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