Payment method broken []

Good afternoon,

I’m unable to enter a new payment method - thought the problem was due to my browser, device, network and tried three diff networks and devices with diff browsers from chrome/ios Safari/firefox/duckduckgo etc.

I can’t be the only one? Try adding a method and select your Country or State on the drop down. It will not enter anything despite selecting the correct information.

I had another IT friend try as well and is having the same bug on the payment method.

[found a bypass/workaround]

I was able to work around this by first creating a payment method directly on the main website dash. Cloudflare .com and then, I was able to visit the dash. teams. Cloudflare .com website and change my plan with the correct billing details. Maybe it’s something weirdly specific to my account because I’m a legacy/old user who never entered billing details until now. Anyways, hope this helps any else who runs into this!

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